Wedding Planning: Use THESE tips to plan a budget-friendly wedding

Wedding is the most important day in everyone’s life. Be it wearing the perfect outfit by your favourite designer or getting the makeup done from the best makeup artist in town everyone has something or the other planned for their wedding. And thanks to Bollywood, we all love to have 7 functions with 8 outfit changes. There’s something extravagant about Indian weddings, that makes it look like a grand carnival. Wedding shenanigans is all about dance, masti, mouth-watering food, and meeting relatives you’ve never met before in life. But with time, the cost of everything is increasing. Be it the food cost or the decor cost everything is taking a huge leap. And because of this many people find spending money on weddings a waste. If you are someone who is going to get married soon but have to cut down on things because of the costing, then we have something for you. It’s possible to enjoy and fulfil your dreams on a budget. Read below to find out how you can plan a budget-friendly wedding

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