Top 50+ Best High DA Blog Commenting Sites 2020

What is SEO?

SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimization”. An SEO is a process by which the traffic is gained on search engines. The traffic can be organic search, direct search and by social sites. Some traffic can be derived from paid resources.

Google, Bing and Yahoo are the major search engines and these search engines rank and show the web content, pages and videos in a list to which they consider the best match or most relevant for the visitors.

After introducing the term SEO, now I am going to show you that how you can promote your website by SEO.

Genuine traffic builds only when Communication between website and visitors is perfect. Precise SEO is required for every website to make it most popular and well-known among the visitors.
For this purpose the Link building is most effective and easiest way to promote the website among the visitors.

So here the question arises that what is Link building and how the Link is to be build?

The Link builds by commenting on blogs and then a backlink generates there which is the best method to get backlink. It helps your website to become a popular among the visitors and generates a lot of traffic as well as gets alteration for your products and services.

There are so many methods of doing SEO but Blog commenting is superlative method to gain high quality backlinks. In blog commenting, bloggers and readers (visitors) remain in touch to each other and readers give feedbacks to the blog and bloggers reply them.

So there are various DoFollow blog commenting websites on internet which can be easily used. But choose only blog commenting websites having high page rank and domain rating to create a DoFollow backlink. That backlink will create a link to your website.

When you comment on any article, then the moderators check your comment or review. Then your comment will be published after approval by the admin of the website. After approval, link will of your website also be generated and this will result the creation of backlink to their website.

One thing keeps in mind that only one backlink will generate on a single blog commenting website.
Benefits of DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites

DoFollow Blog commenting sites results in launching the identity of your brand or product and makes them popular.
These sites create a link to your website.
These sites also generate a lot of traffic to your site.
Attracts more visitors to your website and establish a direct connection to the readers and visitors.
Lot of traffic generates high revenue.

How to create a DoFollow Backlink by Blog commenting

Open some Blog Commenting websites and search for comment section. Typically the comment section will appear at the end of article.

Actually there will be four form fields, some fields are necessary like ‘Name’ and ‘Comment’. ‘Email field’ and ‘Website field’ are optional. But retain in awareness that add your Website link in ‘Website field’.
This will generate a backlink. In some cases only two fields will be there, ‘Name field’ and ‘Comment field’. And you need to add your website link through HTML code. The syntax is here:

My Website

List of DoFollow High Domain Authority Blog Commenting websites

Here is the list of DoFollow high domain authority sites.

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