The CEO of $48 billion Shopify says long hours aren’t necessary for success: ‘I’m home at 5:30pm every evening’

  • Shopify founder CEO Tobi Lutke has a holiday message for you: You don’t need to work 80 hours a week to be successful. He’s living proof, he explained in a Twitter thread on Thursday.
  • Shopify is expected to report $1.5 billion in revenue for 2019, according to analysts polled by Seeking Alpha, and its stock has soared over 200% in 2019, to $407 per share.
  • It’s all done with a reasonable workweek, Lutke says.
  • “I’ve never worked through a night. The only times I worked more than 40 hours in a week was when I had the burning desire to do so. I need 8ish hours of sleep a night. Same with everybody else, whether we admit it or not.
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