How to test readability

What is readability

Legibility is the ease with which a user can not only read the text, but also understand it. In my experience as a UX designer, I saw it as the most overlooked part of user experience. Many times I participated in usability tests checking if it’s easy to find some information in an app or click on some elements on the website, but hardly ever in the ones focusing on checking if the choice of typography helps of disturbs users in consuming the content. That’s a pity, so in order to evangelize enhancing user experience of reading, I put together this simple how-to article after reading which you will be able to run your first legibility test today.

    • Who benefits from readability tests
    • What is the main reason for running those tests
    • What influences readability of text
    • Prepare your design for test
    • Define success metrics
    • The method
    • Interpretation
    • What next?
    • Number of participants
    • Who to recruit
    • Final tips

Take this method to your office and enjoy using it on daily basis!

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