How can I turn my shopify store into a mobile app?

Great question! In fact, all Shopify store owners should start investing into traffic sources from mobile. Latest report by ThinkwithGoogle has shown that 58% of smartphone owners are using their devices to perform shopping-related activities.

1 – Optimize mobile web version:

Before building your mobile app, remember that traffic you drive from your ads will click ads link to enter your mobile website. Thus, make sure your mobile web version is friendly to mobile users, simple and optimized for quick conversion on mobile.

Some suggestions:

  • Build a fixed header bar with Add-to-cart CTA button so customers can easily buy in a click
  • Implement very simple checkout process, don’t make customers navigate too many times
  • Optimize product image gallery where they can scroll or swipe just like they do in Facebook or on their phone gallery

Try Mobile Web Boost app on Shopify app store, it’s free and very awesome.

2 – Have an Apple developer account:

From February 2017, Apple has changed its policy towards app publishment, which states that: “Your app must be published under a seller name and company name that reflects your brand. If you have developed these apps on behalf of a client, please advise your client to add you to the development team of their Apple Developer account.”

It means that Apple requires you to have your own developer account to build apps, to avoid that someone else takes advantage of your brand. The developer account costs you $99/ year.

Having your own Apple developer account means that you’ll have full control of your app, it will show up in Apple Store as your company develops the app yourself instead of using a 3rd party service provider. Customers will recognize your brand instantly and easily.

For Android, this is not necessary though it is recommended that you have your own account, because Android is not as strict as Apple as to which account an app is submitted under.

3 – Find the right mobile app builder tool

Hiring an app developer team to design and build mobile apps for you could cost $2500 – $5000, let alone the monthly maintenance cost after the warranty period expires.

What’s the better option you have here? You can install a Shopify apps that requires just some piece of information from your brand (name, logo, design preferences,…) and builds the mobile app for you. With just $29 – $59 / month as subscription fee, you can get both iOS and Android apps built and equipped with Marketing features.

  • Auto emails to welcome new customers and invite them to download your mobile app.
  • Triggered push notifications to engage customers based on their behaviors. For example: re-engage customers who haven’t visited app for 30 days with a push notification with discount incentive => increase customer lifetime value.
  • Auto emails to notify customers of new arrivals, new collections, new promotions

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