80+ Blog Post Ideas (With Successful Examples) Content Strategy

if you’re serious about blogging, you’ll want to know a repeatable process for finding blog post ideas with traffic potential.

1. Create a checklist

2. Create a glossary (terms defined in industry)

3. Explain a fundamental concept (define and describe something that everyone in your industry needs to know.)

4. Create a FAQ

5. Give away tips

6. Weigh the pros and cons of an important decision

7. Coin a technique (Solve a common problem in your industry)

8. Tell readers why they need something

9. Curate industry statistics

10. Run a survey and share the results

11. Run a research study and share the results

12. Debunk common myths and misconceptions in your industry

13. Offer free templates

14. Give readers science-backed tips

15. Help Readers make decisions

16. Share things you learned from someone else

17. Summarize a book

18. Summarize a podcast

19. Share productivity tips for your industry

Educational & How-Tos

20. Create a roadmap to success

21. Explain how to do something from start-to-finish

22. Explain how to become an-expert

23. Explain how something works

24. Create a definitive guide

25. Create an advanced guide

26. Create an interactive guide

27. Write a case study

28. Show people how to fix something

Influencers & Celebrities

29. Create a profile of someone influential in your industry

30. How celebrity did X

31. List Influencers

32. Interview an influencer

33. Curate advice from influencers

Recommendations & Reviews

34. Recommend the best blogs to follow

35. Recommend the best books

36. Recommend the best podcasts

37. Recommend the best videos

38. Recommend the best conferences

39. Curate a list of the best products

40. Review new products

41. Review a popular product

42. Do an in-depth comparison of two products

43. Review online courses

44. List of the best movies for industry professionals

From Personal Experience

45. Write about how you got started in your career

46. Share your day-to-day

47. Try something new and share lessons learned

48. Share your mistakes

49. Publish an income report

50. Recap a recent event

51. Share your site’s manifesto

52. Share a presentation

53. Share a personal failure and how you overcame it

54. Tell a personal story

55. Share your favorite things

Motivational & Inspirational

56. Curate a list of successful examples

57. Reverse engineer the success of others

58. Create a challenge

59. Curate inspirational quotes

Time Based

60. Discuss the latest trends

61. Discuss the latest industry news

62. Talk about how something new will affect people

63. Highlight skills your readers will need in the future

64. Make a timeline of the events that changed your industry

65. Make predictions

66. Be the first to break a piece of news

67. Share rumuours about a potencial development

68. Create a seasonal post

69. Curate a list of seasonal deals

70. Connect your niche to a trending moment


71. Share an un popular opinion

72. Write an open letter

73. Challenge popular opinion

74. Highlight things you’d like to change

75. Comment on outdated practices in your industry

76. Explain why something in your industry failed


77. Write about an aspect of your industry’s history

78. Give people a glimpse into your office or workplace

79. What’s in your bag?

80. Draw a comic strip or cartoon

81. Collect a list of industry jokes

82. Round up the funniest memes

83. Create an A-Z post around one topic

84. Refresh old post (Re-Publish)

85. Pull topics from your existing blog posts

86. Invite others to write for your blog

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