6 Possible Causes of Dizziness

Causes Of Dizziness

You will experience dizziness when you feel woozy, lightheaded, or like you are losing your balance. Dizziness can affect all sensory organs, mainly the eyes and ears. While it is not a disease per se, it is a condition that can be the outcome of many types of diseases and disorders. For instance, disequilibrium and vertigo can trigger dizziness but these two have distinct symptoms. While the first means loss of balance, the second indicates a spinning feeling.

The most common causes of dizziness and giddiness can be as follows:


Dizziness can be due to vertigo

Dizziness could be caused by Meniere’s disease

When your ear nerves are inflamed

Those who experience migraines are likely to experience vertigo

Dizziness may be brought on by a sudden drop in BP levels

Sudden headache



Tips To Manage Dizziness

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